Rope, and Kink, and Connection, Oh My!

Hi, I'm Air. I change every 10 seconds. It's pretty rad. I've been in this community long enough to forget how long. Rope is my favorite language... well, besides energy. I selftie, top, bottom, you name it- I'm in! I've worked and trained with a multitude of highly skilled, highly awesome individuals, and I've soaked in their knowledge and energy like the dirty lil sponge that I am. I am calculating, attentive, hilariously sadistic, and creative AF. Exploration, vulnerability, honesty, and trust are my biggest kinks. I'm an RN, a Certified Yoga Instructor, Model, Photographer, Artist and an Access Consciousness Certified Fucking Miracle Worker. I am grateful for every chance I get to share my energy with the world. Bring it on! How does it get any better than this?